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Saturday, December 17, 2011

List of Popular and Useful Forums

Check the list below of web master forums that you can refer for SEO, website development, blogs and other online resources.

The list above is only for reference and for your guide online.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Professional and Easy Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

Adobe Photoshop is a powerful tool to edit and enhance photos, create logos and design webpages. Photoshop has many functions that you can ever imagine and you'll only know it when you see the finish product of it. So start learning Adobe Photoshop now and be professional and tricky with it. There are many Photoshop tutorials online and of course you'll learn if you read it carefully investing few minutes or even hours to understand then start applying it. Photoshop tutorials are made for us to learn and be tricky in using it.

Below are professional Adobe Photoshop tutorials to teach you how to do things on your own:

Photoshop in a Day
This Photoshop tutorial provides instructions in easy step-by-step manner which you must follow with your own copy of Photoshop on your own PC or Mac. The instructions provided by this Photoshop tutorial will allow you to learn dozens of different skills and techniques by yourself. It's fun and experimenting as you follow the step-by-step instructions to create your own desired graphics and transform your own images, and you'll be learning a whole lot more as you go along!

How To Render Cars in Photoshop Fast and Easy
Photoshop video tutorials that is more useful in designing car models, how to choose proper colors, use highlights and many more. Rendering cars in Photoshop made easy through instructional demos found in the videos.
Read more... 

Learn Photoshop in Just 2 Hours
Video tutorials for Photoshop that has easy step-by-step instructions to follow. Easy tricks on how to learn the tricks using shortcuts and techniques with accessible online video tutorials.

Digital Backgrounds
Video Tutorial that will make you learn Photoshop in 5 minutes. Shortcut tips for color matching. With bonus 16 digital backgrounds, free pencil portrait ebook tutorial an video, free selective Sepia Focus ebook and Video. Buy One Get One FREE Special!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

List of Article Creator, Rewriter and Submitter

Software that create, rewrite and submit your articles into thousands of article submission directories around the web. These software help you in article marketing business online. Choose any below that suites your needs:

Article Submitter Platinum
Submit your article to 210 article directories with ONE click of your mouse! And then go golfing while IT does the work. Software Lets You Instantly Submit Your Articles To Over 660 High Quality Articles Directories!

Mass Article Control
Can create up to 1,000 articles from just ONE main seed article in less than 30 seconds with the press of a button. Can create lists of market specific keywords and save them to niche specific categories.

Article Submit AUTO
Spin your articles using the standard spinning syntax, {text 1|text 2}. Schedule your article to be submitted even while you're asleep and your computer is switched off. A 60-Days Money-Back Guarantee.

Rapid Rewriter
Turn your 1 article into hundreds of unique articles ready to publish online and spin them again to create another new unique articles. New content ready to blast out to the 1000's of Article, Web 2.0, Blog & Press Release sites across the web.

Magic Article Rewriter
Magic Article Rewriter will help you rephrase your content. Magic Article Submitter will sign you up for all 700 directories, then it will automatically approve all your applications. Imagine registering for 700 directories in 3 minutes or less!
Harness The Incredible Power Of Content Distribution, Coupled With Our Extensive Network Of Thousands Of Publishers And Purpose-Built Technology.
And Start Building Long-Term Traffic For
Your Business - TODAY!

Article Master Series
This is where the Article Master Series steps in. 15000 Top-Shelf PLR Articles, based on various Niches, that you can plug into your website, OR turn around and resell the PLR!

Worker Software
Three Software Collection, Practical SEO Utilities such as PAD Submit Worker, Article Rewrite Software, Article Blog Worker and FREE Clickbank Worker. Rewrite and submit articles to 1000 article submission directories in 20 minutes.

Backlink Article Writer
The software generates SEO (search engine optimization) content for you to build backlinks. It is an absolute solution for your articles.

Article Master Series
Largest collection of PLR articles not yet published and ready for spreading to the world wide web. Thousands of niche topics to choose from.

Simply PLR - Article Marketing
Automatically Post Articles To Your Blogs!
225 Private Label Rights (PLR) Articles every month.
225 Spin-Ready Articles each and every month.

Dupli Terminator
100% free to use. Just 3 steps - copy, paste and clicking the "process" button to use. Can make a 500-word content unique in just 5 seconds!

10 Informative Cooking & Food Articles (in Word .doc format). 30 Recipes (also in Word .doc format). The articles and recipes are based on one theme each month, so they could easily be turned into a special report or ebook that you could sell.

Get this tools now and spread your articles around the web.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Top Reasons in Joining Twitter

Twitter is arising in its toughest place in the web where millions of users are coming in and out everyday. Many of Twitter users have different purposes in using Twitter or in joining Twitter. These purposes are much obvious and some are not, besides the main point of this is to benefit and enjoy Twitter uses and functions as the unlimited place for many internet users. Below are some of the purposes in using Twitter:

To socialize
As the first option of joining Twitter because many users love to socialize online and have some friends aside from going outdoor. In this way you can interact internationally with many different Twitter users and get to chat with them or tweeting messages.

For business
This purpose of using Twitter is a bit obvious because users use Twitter to promote their business online and expect to have customers or client. This purpose of using Twitter is also a very effective way for business online because there are millions of people online every second and chances of being noticed is very high when they use Twitter. Twitter promotion includes online business sites, affiliate links, online store and many more business online.

There's no need to listen to radio, watch TV or read newpapers because some of it is in Twitter already being tweeted by top news sites and institutions everyday. It includes all types of news like community, entertainment, politics, public events and even nationwide and international news. News tweets are linked over millions of sites online so the tweets serves as the headlines for the day.

This is proven purpose that I read in an online blog where a guy read a tweet from her friend that she will commit suicide in few minutes after her desperation being kicked out in a job, so the guy tweeted anyone who are near to her friend's residence and some of them are responding and the girl is saved from jumping off a building. That only proves that tweets in every second counts. Even accidents, crimes and other risky events in the society is taken noticed by Twitter user tweets.

Miscellaneous purposes includes almost a bit of all the above like online card and palm reading, world predictions, horoscope, top recipes, concert tours and tickets and many more. These purposes can be found in the above's common Twitter purposes but somewhat differ in many aspects and you the user can figure it out exactly.

Those are the most and common Twitter purposes that users tend to use Twitter for their personal and social interests. Twitter users are responsible for anything that they might get from tweeting in Twitter and that's the wonder that Twitter can give to most of the user, its nature capacity and universal purposes.

How to promote affiliate links in Twitter?

Twitter is widely used today in business promotions because of its function as one of the best social networking site today and is proven that many business succeed using Twitter in promoting their site links and also affiliate links from other affiliate sites that offers commission when you can sell a product from their site.

Twitter has a lot to offer in comes to business so if you'll read some info or tutorials from the web or any ebooks about link promotion you're already a halfway to success because the knowledge you get from tutorials about link promotions will be broadened as the time you explore and try.

Here are the common ways of promoting links in Twitter:
  • Link using URL shortener - this is the most common type of promoting links today since Twitter do not tolerate an obvious product promotion link so shortened URL is used to promote any type of links like affiliate or other referral link. Example you have a link like, it can be shortened as http://short/url. In that way it is very acceptable in Twitter so you can promote the links that way with additional descriptive text like: [Lose weight in 24 hours easily @ http://short/url]. That style is very common now in fact if you already followed a business site you can see many of that type of tweets.
  • Promote by search - this style is another technique of promoting links in Twitter where you will search a tweet and then reply in as direct or just a reply tweet to the user who tweeted it. Start by searching an specific tweet like for example in need of tutorials, so type this syntax to the search box: "tutorials" -http after typing that syntax Twitter will give results with that keyword tutorials in users' tweets and you can now reply the tweet with your shortened URL and descriptive text related to tutorials keyword that you have searched but make sure it is really related to the tweet and be specific in searching keywords for accurate results.
  • Promote from Twitter affiliated sites -this type of promotion is from the sites that are affiliated with Twitter like SponsoredTweets and MyLikes you can earn from the site that you have signed up because they pay every single tweet that you do in Twitter and the links are already shortened, it's for you to just tweet it or they will email for available links to tweet for the day with the certain amount to be earned also.
Those styles mentioned above about tweeting and promoting links in Twitter are the most common ones today that everyone is using daily. There are also other styles in promoting links in Twitter but they are just getting the basic concepts of what is mentioned above so there's no need to elaborate more. The only thing that these styles will work is for you to have patience in promoting because you cannot succeed if you'll just do it once, you need to study the styles and give it another twist so that it will work using your way.

Monday, October 24, 2011

How do social networking sites give your blog traffic?

Many of the bloggers today are finding hard time to gain traffic because of lack of quality posts and without SEO knowledge but this doesn't mean that because of that scenario there is no chance to gain visitors to your sites. Some of online marketers use social networking sites to promote their business sites and so do with bloggers that are trying hard to get visitors from social networking sites.

The popularity of the social networking sites can make your blog popular too because they get more visitors everyday like Facebook, Twitter and Digg to name a few. Posting your links here will attract visitors because they will get curious of your link and content and make them click it to check. Posting catchy links above your blog links also help you gain visitors.

Of course if the social networking site is popular it means that it is stable meaning up and running 24/7. So joining this sites is a good start to give your site visitors.

User Friendly
Like Facebook the interface of the site is very simple so if you will update your status everyday everything is fresh and seen by daily users or your friends. Link postings are also clear in the front page of every user so it is very visible.

Number of users
Social networking sites are known for active users daily so this is a good status that you need to consider since you need visitors to your site. These users are the players of the game.

Some of the online bloggers today are experimenting every step of the way on how to earn visitors so in order to get something right you need to read and read to learn things needed in this online madness today. Learning is something everyone needs to have to avoid losing.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Top 5 Products to Help You Earn Money in Facebook

These are the top products used to earn money using Facebook and the secrets beyond the success of the users:

Facebook Advertising Guide
Features: Targeted Facebook Ad Campaigns, Facebook likes buttons for blogs, effective landing pages, avoid costly advertising fees, gain more friends and likes.

Facebook Ads Guide
This is a complete guide on Facebook ads and the tricks behind earning fast through your ads. Money made easy while learning the ways and means in Facebook.

Facebook Creator
Features: 99% fully automated, built-in captcha solver and Clickbank product poster. All functions are just a click away so you can earn through your own FB friends and gain likes to your page easily.

Facebook DoubleYourLikes
Increase your Facebook likes in 52.94% and even more. Tweaks your fanpages to attarck more likes and earn more through it.

Facebook Super Fanpage 
Software that help your fanpages gain likes and many friends and has many automations that makes it more efficient in using with Facebook.

The above products have many other reviews and proofs online that makes them the hottest and best-selling stuffs for Facebook. Using them at your own risk

High PR DO Follow Blogs Part 3

These are few of my recent collections of do follow blogs from the web. Anyone can use this for reference, seo, backlinks and researches. Check out the list below and browse everyone of them:

There are still many of them but I guess it's too long for a post to have it so if you want you can email me some remaining list not included in the post, anyway internet is about sharing and not being greedy about resources.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Free SEO Software and tutorials download

You can download these free resources for your personal reference and learning. These are gathered around the web for reference only.

Google Adsense Secrets
Email Marketing - Aweber
500 A Day Facebook Fanpages
Building Facebook Applications
Website Development
PHP for Beginners
Javascript for Beginners
Python Scripting
Project X Affiliate
Email Marketing Basics 1
Email Marketing Basics 2

Senuke - for SEO and article submission
Article Spinner
Facebook Blaster Pro
Link Cloaker

Download it for FREE and use at your own risk. Some of the links may be broken but I'll update it sooner just comment on which of the above resources has broken links.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

How to make a Facebook account for affiliates?

Facebook nowadays serves as an online community of users of different genres like chatters, hanging out users, business owners, affiliates and other kinds of users. Most of the accounts are either the real person or business accounts or just a fake account for link promotions such as affiliate links. So here is one idea of how to make an account which fast to gain friends and catchy for business.

These are the steps that many affiliates are using today:

Firstly, create and lady account with a sexy name like Sexy Jane, Precious Lea, Hot Mama or just a normal lady name. Just make sure that it's sexy or catchy to listen. After creating the account fill out the info with desired address and you can search few ones in Google which are international or any US resident's address. Now that the information is done don't forget the photos or profile pictures, make sure it's sexy and hot for men to be attracted and add her as a friend. View the profile and make necessary changes to make it look like a real lady's account.

Now that the main profile is done, start joining pages both business or entertainment pages and post some messages in the walls or interact when someone says "Hi". If you could join more than 10 pages that's already better because once you interact with any of them someone will notice your profile and sure they will view and send a message or that's the time that they will add you. Make sure to login to your account everyday or even every other day and confirm all the friend request to gather them for future use. You can invite some also in the pages just send few invitation message for them to be encouraged in accepting you. Respond to some messages to make them comfortable of contacting you for any opportunities. Not more than 2 weeks pretty sure that you had already had 500 or more friends depending on the effort you've done.

The next thing you need to do is create a fan page, it's like what you have joined recently. It could be business, community, group or personal interest page or to make it more interesting to view make pages from a movie example, Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part 2. Just grab photos from Google and write some info about it and there you go having a new fan page. Invite all of your added friends to like or join your page so that you can gain more likes or persons in the page.

Assuming that all the important things I mentioned earlier are done, this is the time that you will do what your really purpose are. Start promoting your affiliate links from Clickbank, Amazon or any site that offers affiliate commissions. On your browser, login to and sign in using your Gmail account if you already have or create one at After logging in, Create New -- Spreadsheet, if you're not familiar using it you can find many tutorials in Google. Now you already have a new blank spreadsheet occupy 3 columns, put a title at the top of the first column and name it Product Name or site name, the name the second Link, then the third Shortened. So 3 columns is now done with 3 titles at the top, at the first column make your first entry by entering the site names or product names of the affiliate link you will promote, on the second enter the affiliate site links and on the third the shortened links. In shortening the links use or, these are the most common URL shortening sites.

The purpose of the spreadsheet is mainly as your record of affiliate sites to promote to make it easier to just copy the shortened link and post it in Facebook. You can post or promote it by posting at your Facebook's front page or News Feed or status page so all of your friends can see it. Posting on pages' walls are also the best to make the members of the page notice your posted links, just make sure nobody complained about it mostly the page owner do that so if that happens just remove your link to avoid conflicts with friends. Keep posting your links and remember to put a descriptive message like "FREE domains and unlimited hosting at:". Change the descriptive message everytime you post so that it will not be reported as a spam post.

So that is how to create the account you can do that also in other social networking site aside from Facebook but always remember to be always responsible of the consequences and be patience in promoting the links.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Cheapest Web Hosting Services


Byethost is one of the most cheapest web hosting services today and it has many features such as cPanel with script installer, ecommerce, site builder and offers secure ftp functions. 


Offers Unlimited Web Hosting, disk space and bandwidth, free website templates, Google Adwords credit, 24/7 technical support and many more features.


Host 10 sites with cheap hosting plans, unlimited bandwidth, databases, mail forwarding, script installer, free email accounts and 60-day money guarantee. 

Cheap hosting plans, domains, unlimited bandwidth, web templates, wordpress, joomla and many more.

Online Money Processors

Online money processors are very important nowadays because all the transactions online are paid in this way. So whether you are a shopper, freelance writer, programmer or just a dude hanging on the net to find the spot of earning money online you need this to pay or get paid instantly.

I will not mention the odd ones or those which are not common so the most common money processors today are Paypal, Alertpay and Liberty Reserve. These two are the most widely used today in online transactions and well known for instant money process. So if you are planning to make money online make sure that you have accounts to one of them or make both accounts in case you have many making money online opportunities.

Is a common money processor today and almost all of online earners are using this to withdraw there funds earned in online jobs such as PTC's, surveys and other microjobs.

To be able to fund and withdraw it you need to verify Paypal using credit card number and Union Bank EON Card (Philippines). By verifying the account you can use it without limit and being a valid verified user can transact anywhere online using it.

This is another option of saving funds from earned online jobs same as Paypal you need to verify it using card in order to withdraw the funds you have.

In verifying the account you can use your mobile phone for them to send you the code to be used in verifying so that's just easy.

Liberty Reserve
This money processor is not common in the Philippines since there are only few banks or way on how to withdraw funds from this account but some are using it and finding alternatives to still withdraw and use it online.


Of course there are risk in using them online like hacking incidents using your email. There are news that Paypal is the latest victim of online hackers and some are losing trust in them but they assure that some of the causes why their accounts are hacked is because the users didn't use their account wisely. Most signups to online sites get Paypal emails so hackers use them.

They advised the users that make sure they logout their accounts properly to avoid being hacked by online thieves. It's really the responsibility of the users that their account depends.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

List of 2012 Top and Upcoming Hero Movies Trailers

These are the most top rated hero movies today that everyone should watch, in any genre and full of interesting stories to discover.

Check them out.

The Flash


X-Men: Cyclops

The Incredibles 2

Men In Black 3

Real Steel

13 Assassins

Conan The Barbarian

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

There are still more best movies not mentioned here so just check them out at Youtube and get more trailers as you watch on.

You can purchase your favorite movies at:

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Do Follow Blogs Part 2

Here is another collection of Do Follow blogs which can be used in SEO link building that is collected from the web and gathered for reference.

Check this out!

Enjoy posting links on those blogs and gain more traffic to your sites.
Many more collection of useful sites to come.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Top Online Outsourcing Jobs Sites

These are the few list of top online job sites that is gaining popularity nowadays in terms of job postings and hiring. Jobs found here includes data entry, writing, blogging, internet marketing, scripting and many other technical jobs online.

Check out theses sites: - Filipino Workers and International Employers

Join to those sites and post your skills and you can have two options whether you will apply or wait for employers to contact you after they have reviewed your profile. Employers in these sites are not 100% legit but you can see their status also in their profile if they have been paying to workers in that site continuously.
So try these sites now and get your luck.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

List of High PR Do Follow Blogs

Are you tired of looking for high PR blogs in the internet? Here are my collections of high PR do follow blogs which can be used in SEO and backlinking purposes for your business and personal sites. Check out the list below:


Those are just few of my collected list of useful blogs for SEO. If you find it useful message or comment me for more list which I will be posting in my next blog posts.

Good luck and use it wisely.

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