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Monday, April 16, 2012

Top Factors in SEO Mistakes

Do you have the right keywords used to optimize your blog or website? In some cases wrong SEO keywords are used in websites for optimization There's a need to do the research first in order to find out what SEO keyword phrases people actually search for businesses in your particular field. Later you will discover that SEO keyword phrases that you thought were important are in fact rarely searched for; the opposite is also true.

How well does your website show up in Google, Yahoo, Ask, and Bing?

You should take the test of what is the effect of searching for your SEO keywords on a regular basis in all the major search engines. Your website position in the search engines will fluctuate and needs regular monitoring.

Website Title

It is in fact the single most important onsite SEO factor, the web page title is very important. Website title should be relevant, with the correct length, and different on every page within the blog or website. It is surprising how often we see inappropriate web page titles, no titles at all, or a title that says something stupid like "MONEY' or in the case of really lazy website designers 'TITLE GOES HERE.' Use a different title for each page within your website. Remember that search engines list pages, not websites, so each page is a fresh SEO opportuníty.

Website Description

It is important to tell Google what your page is all about. In many cases the website description is missing or incorrectly used.

Website SEO Keywords

Keyword Meta tags were no longer used by some search engines but some still do, and they should accurately reflect page content, but you must be careful not to use too many of them.

Broken Links Will Harm Your SEO Efforts

The number one error that SEO experts find when auditing websites. You clíck on a link within the website and you see an error message telling you that the page cannot be found. This delivers a very frustration to people visiting your website. It is likely that Google will also mark you down in the search engine rankings, as Google expects technically perfect websites. There is no excuse for broken links within a website. Broken image links are also a common error found within websites. Instead of a picture being displayed you will see a broken image logo. Again this is easily checked for by professional website designers and there is no reason for a website to have broken image links.

Picture Only Websites are Disastrous for SEO

Sometimes you give call a website that appears to be displaying the habitual combine of book and pictures, but on finisher scrutiny, flatbottom the book is actually contained within a situation. If there is no historical text displayed within a website, Google has no wind what the website is almost, and the website present dimension really poorly in the examine engine results. There are structure to part fix this, using what are called 'Alt' tags, victimized in combination with the website instrument and statement, but as a law your website should contain lots of related text. This is what Google likes!

No Relevant SEO Keywords in a Page

If your website substance fails to cite your set or help, it is not stunning that your website ranks poorly within Google. There are lots of tricks relating to where you site your keywords on a author and that is what we surpass at. Just intermixture a attender with keywords give not succeed the desirable ensue, and may still harm your itemisation within Google, as it may execute too galore keywords as an attempt to spam the hunt engine listings. Google takes a very dim perspective of attempts to spam it.

Number of Back Links

This is a very important SEO factor in optimizing websites. Questions need to answered like "Do you know how many other websites link to your website?" Google does. The more links to your website, the better. Also, the quality and source of the links is important to Google. If you suddenly gain hundreds of links overnight, this can trip the sp@m alert at the search engines and you can end up in a worse position within the search engines than before you started any SEO activities on your website.

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